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Double Arm Roll Judo Turnover

Turn defence into attack with this ground work turnover.

The double arm roll is the perfect turnover to turn the tables on your opponent.

You can go from defence to attack in a split second, and end up holding your partner down in an osaekomi.

Here’s how:

How to do a Double Arm Roll

Start by defending on all fours, but be ready to react. When you feel your partner reach in with the arms, quickly clamp them using your own arms.

Now do a Double Arm Roll by rolling sideways. If you do it correctly you will go from being underneath uke, to being on top. From this position it is easy to switch into a hold down.

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More Groundwork Judo Skills

Koka Kids can help you improve your judo newaza with books and tutorials.

Judo Hold Downs Book

Finish in a Hold Down

After turning your partner over with the Arm Roll you need to finish with a hold down – but which one to pick?

If you let go of one arm and keep rotating you can slowly manoeuvre into Yoko-Shiho-Gatame or Mune-Gatame or even Kesa-Gatame.

It doesn’t matter, but move slowly, as your partner will escape if you leave any openings.

Tips on hold downs and improving groundwork feature in the Koka Kids Judo Book: 10 Judo Osaekomi.

10 Hold Down Dojo Banner

A judo banner with 10 Hold Downs

Koka Kids supplies Dojos with judo banners, which are a useful reference point to use during class. This example shows 10 different hold downs, but there are many more designs to pick from.

To really take your groundwork to the next level, you need to be able to turn your partner over from every defence. No matter if they defend on all fours, or flat on their stomach – you need to have an answer up your judogi sleeve.

Learn Judo Groundwork can give you 20 answers! 20 turnovers to make sure you know exactly to what to do, no matter the defence.

Each turnover is fully illustrated step by step with tips from world judo champion, Nik Fairbrother.

Judo Groundwork book for Kids