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10 Judo Hold Downs

What is in this book?

★ 10 key judo hold downs

★ How to escape

★ How to move from hold down to hold down

★ 10 Fun Challenges

★ Tips from world champion, Nik Fairbrother

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This judo book for beginners makes learning judo visual, fun and easy.

◆ 10 hold downs
◆ 10 fun challenges
◆ Step by Step tutorials of each technique
◆ Tips from Olympic medallist, Nik Fairbrother

Suitable for all judoka ages 6-8 up to preteen 9-12.

Understanding Groundwork

This book teaches one most important groundwork skills: Hold Downs (known as Osaekomi in Japanese) using fun illustrations.

Master Ten Holds

By the end of this book you will have mastered ten different holds. You will have the skills to pin your partner down from any position. You will also know how to escape if you are caught in a hold down, what to do if you get your leg caught, and how to adjust from hold to hold.

Fun Challenges

You can also attempt to conquer the ten groundwork challenges set by author and judo world champion, Nik Fairbrother. Have fun while you improve your skills.