Kids Judo Books by Koka Kids
Judo Books by Koka Kids

Bring a Friend to Judo Flyers

‘Bring a Friend to Judo’ flyers are now available from Koka Kids Judo Resources.

Bring a Friend to Judo is a great initiative for clubs wanting to increase numbers.

Get the free flyer from Koka Kids Coaching Resources and print it out to use at your dojo.

You can add specific club details in the space on the right of the flyer like information, venue, date, contact number etc.

Bring a Friend to Judo

Target your “Bring a Friend” session

Give the flyers out to your current membership and invite each judoka to bring a friend to judo, to enjoy a one-off free judo session.

You can decide how to target your session. Think about which area of your membership you want to boost.

Perhaps you want to use it to introduce juniors between the ages of 5 and 7? Or maybe you are looking to target more girls to start to judo?

Ask the judoka within your target range to bring their friends along.

Why not try out different target groups each month – you’ll soon be doubling your numbers!

Be ready with Information on how to join

Use the introductory session to persuade these newcomers to sign up for the next class.

Think about the content of the sessions, and put the emphasis on fun.

Be ready with information on how to start judo at your club, have posters printed out around your dojo for parents to see, and flyers with information on them for the newcomers to take home with them.

Make it easy to join! What about offering a discount for those who join up on the day, or another similar incentive or gift?

And do make sure you let the parents know about the many benefits of judo, especially those that go beyond judo as a sport.

Let the parents know that judo also helps children to improve their self-esteem and boosts confidence, and how it helps build friendships and understanding of teamwork.

Judo Books by Koka Kids

Koka Kids creates books for kids who love judo.

See the full range of judo books by Koka Kids that are now available on amazon in English, French, Spanish and German.

To find the judo book in the language you want, go to your local amazon and search on ‘Koka Kids Judo by Nik Fairbrother.’

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