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Book recommendations by judo experts

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Book recommendations by judo experts

What book are you going to read next? Books can help you improve your judo, your coaching and even your life, but picking the right one isn’t always so easy. To help you discover the gems here are books recommended by judo coaches, champions and experts.

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Books for Judo Technique and Training

Which is the next judo book to add to your collection? Swipe through these technical books recommended by Olympic medallists like Neil Adams, 9th Dan and Kate Howey, 7th Dan and other judo leaders and take a look the Top Ten Technique Books.


A note from Nik Fairbrother: This section of the website started during the middle of lockdown. Unable to train and uncertain of the future, I decided to take a look at solutions. It was a  shift from  ‘what can’t we do,’  towards ‘what can we do?’ and the obvious answer to me was: one thing I can do is I can read.

I’m not alone. Research shows that reading has surged in the UK, with people doubling the amount of time they read since lockdown began. Reading is one of the way to get through lockdown and come out the other side in better shape. By reading we can improve our skills, learn something completely new and we can be inspired and entertained.

This quickly followed into the next questions: so, what shall I read? What book shall I buy? I began to look at my own book shelf, and then I wondered what other judoka’s book shelves look like? Did anyone have any good book recommendations? I began to ask around. The replies came flooding in. Read more about the best sports books chosen by experts.

And so we are building this judo library, one book recommendation at a time. If you have a book (judo or sports related) you would like to recommend, then please get in touch.