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Sukui-Nage – how to do this judo throw


Sukui-Nage is no longer a legal technique under the IJF Competition guidelines, but is still including the original Gokyo by the Kodokan. There are various ways to throw with Sukui-Nage (scooping throw); here we are going to look at pick up variation.

One variation of Sukui Nage

How to throw with Sukui-Nage

  1. Sukui means scooping technique. Use your hands to grab around uke’s leg.
  2. Bend your knees and lift uke into the air.
  3. Rotate uke onto their back and lower towards the mat.

Here is the IJF version of Sukui Nage – we don’t recommend this one for beginners.

What’s the difference between Seoi-Nage and Sukui-Nage?

Although they may sound similar, Seoi-Nage and Sukui-Nage are completely different throws and it’s easy to tell them apart. Here is our animation of Morote Seoi-Nage to help you see the difference.

Morote Seoi Nage

See how to do Morote Seoi Nage here.

What’s does Nage mean?

The Japanese word Nage means “throw” or “throwing” and appears a lot in the names of different judo throws like tomoe-nage, ippon seoi-nage or sukui-nage.

Nage-waza is the umbrella term for all throwing techniques, and Nage-Komi is similar to Uchi-Komi but refers to when you practice throwing repetitions.

Nage-No-Kata is the name given to a kata, with 5 sets of three throws, both migi (right) and hidari (left).

Learning more Japanese Judo Words

Understanding Japanese is an essential part of learning judo. Not only will it help you understand the names of the techniques, but also you will be able to understand what your judo coach is telling you to do!

85 Japanese Judo Words is a book that you can buy in hardback from amazon, or you can see the free interactive version online.

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