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Judo Books by Koka Kids

Top 10 Judo Books for Children by Koka Kids

Ten Judo books that will help kids take their judo to the next level

Top 10 Judo Books for Kids

Which are the best books for children?

Koka Kids is the leading publisher in the world for children’s judo books, and you can see the full collection on amazon or here on the Koka Kids website.

Koka Kids Best Seller List

What are the best selling judo books for children?

« 40 Judo Throws » has consistently topped the list since its first publication, and its Spanish amigo « 40 Tecnicas de Judo », only published last year has zoomed up into 8th place. Other foreign books that are proving popular with judoka, is the German « Lerne Judo » and the French « Le code moral du judo. »

Here is the list of the Koka Kids Top 10 Judo Books for Children by Koka Kids (2019 until 2024)

Top Judo Books for Children

As a beginner in judo which books will help me with Technique?

That’s a great question, and good to see you are looking to improve your judo In judo you can improve your tachi-waza technique (standing) and newaza technique (groundwork). For complete novices we recommend « Learn Breakfalls » which also has great agility movements and also « Ten Hold Downs » – these are appropriate for white, red and yellow belt judoka.

Here is a list of the Top Ten Judo Books for Technique that might come in handy for beginners looking to learn more about judo.

Can I learn judo by myself?

You can certainly improve your judo by studying judo books at home, and doing some shadow judo, use uchikomi bands to practice your technique however we here at Koka Kids recommend the best way to learn judo is to join an affiliated club, with a qualified instructor. This is especially important if you are completely new to judo and just starting off.

For reminder of how to do the throws, as well as the judo books, Koka Kids has a great online resource with each technique in the Judo Gokyo animated.