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Tai-Otoshi Certificate to Print

Tai-Otoshi Certificate from Koka Kids for Judo Coaches to Use.

Print it up and give it out to your judoka. Reward. Encourage. Motivate.

Tai-Otoshi certificate

Print this Tai-Otoshi Certificate

Here is a Tai-Otoshi Certificate for you to print and use.

This week, the technique in focus is the hand throw Tai-Otoshi, and coaches can download a certificate to print and use.

There is also a teaching card and each step of the technique illustrated helping judoka visualise the movement from the grip, to the entry, the direction and of course the finish.

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More Tai-Otoshi

Here is a full tutorial on Tai-Otoshi, where we look at counters and combinations, and there is an animation to help the kids picture the judo throw.

How to teach tai-otoshi? Check out this Tai-Otoshi footwork drill for improving positioning on entry.

Want to link this throw to another? A classic combination is Ouchi-Gari into Tai-Otoshi ; use the first technique to create a reaction and space for the second.

Certificates, Posters and Flyers

As well as judo certificates and teaching materials, Koka Kids also has resources to help coaches with marketing and promoting their club.

Like this poster to advertise upcoming beginner’s classes and get new members to join or this flyer showing the benefits of judo.

Fun materials include this colour-in Ippon Seoi Nage page for the youngest on your mat.

Most Improved Certificate

Use this certificate to reward effort, progress and improvement.

Who is your most improved judoka of the week? Or term? Why not make their day and let them know you have noticed their efforts with this Most Improved certificate.

This is free at Koka Kids Coaching Resources.