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Ouchi-Gari into Tai-Otoshi Judo Combination

Ouchi-Gari into Tai-Otoshi is this week’s Judo Combination from Koka Kids. Get the teaching resources for this useful combination by visiting Koka Kids Coaching Resources.

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Technical Resource: Ouchi-Gari into Tai-Otoshi

Ouchi-Gari into Tai-Otoshi is a useful combination for judoka to learn as it teaches movement and how to create an opening space.

First attack realistically with Ouchi-Gari. You must attack strongly so you force uke to react. Aim to get your partner to take a step backwards.

Now wait for it! Uke will want to recover their balance and original position. As they move forwards, attack with Tai-Otoshi.

Judo Throws Teaching Card – Allow your judoka to study in their own time

In these key-stage teaching cards by Koka Kids you can see each step of the judo throws – or you can also see the animated judo techniques here.

Download these coaching materials from Koka Kids Coaching Resources.

Judo Ouchi-Tai-Otoshi