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How to do Koshi-Guruma




Koshi-Guruma is a hip technique and belongs to the second group of the Gokyo.

It is an easy technique to learn and often taught early to beginners and intermediate level judoka. However, it is important to note that this technique is banned in competition (British Judo) for the under 12 age groups.

It is an easy technique to learn and often taught early to beginners and intermediate level judoka. However, that said, it is important to take care because of the neck-grip.

Want to learn how to do this judo technique? Read on!

Here is how to do Koshi-Guruma with judo animations, counters, combinations, tips and tricks.

How to do Koshi-Guruma – Step by Step

First break your partner’s balance. Breaking your partner’s balance is known in Japanese as Kuzushi. Do this by pulling on uke’s sleeve to make uke step forwards.

Now turn in. Swing your leg in a 180 degree circle and as you do grab around uke’s neck.

To throw your partner, lift using your legs. As you turn in your knees should be flexible and bent, so that when you want to lift you can power up by straightening your legs.

Finish the throw by rotating, pulling on the sleeve, and direct your partner onto their back.

How to do Koshi-Guruma

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What is the meaning of Koshi-Guruma?

The meaning of the Japanese is hip-wheel. Koshi is the Japanese word for hip, and Guruma means wheel. Literally, the name translates to mean «wheel over the hip.»

Knowing Japanese is very useful if you want to understand the different judo throws and their names. By learning the judo words you will understand what Hiza-Guruma or Ashi-Waza means.

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How can I counter Koshi-Guruma?

One of the best counters is O-Goshi. As uke reaches over to grab the next, reach around their waist and slip your hips across just before they attack. To make this counter work, you need to anticipate the attack, and move just before your partner does.

How to counter Koshi-Guruma with O-Goshi

What is a good Koshi-Guruma Combination?

Kouchi-Gari is a good set up technique for Koshi-Guruma, as it makes uke react by first avoiding the kouch-gari and stepping backwards, then uke will want to recover their position, and as they step forwards they are wide open for the main throw.

to How to do Koshi-Guruma Combination with Kouchi Gari

See this Koshi-Guruma Kodokan Video

For online help here is a great video from the Kodokan