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How to Draw Cartoon Characters

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How to Draw the Koka Kids Cartoon Characters

How to Draw the Koka Kids Cartoon Characters will show you how to draw four of the Kok aKids characters from scratch.

Learn how to draw Uchi Banani, Tommy Nagy, Katie Gatame and Blushido.

Learn how to draw cartoon eyes and create expressions. By making simple changes to the eyes, eyebrows and mouth you can make your character frown or laugh or wink or look surprised. We will show you how!

This kids how to draw book includes
- Simple steps and easy to follow instructions.
- 4 different characters
- 16 facial expressions
- Large A4 pages
- Ideas for your own projects

A great how to draw comics book, for kids 9-12.

Especially appropriate for budding judoka, but suitable for all children who want to learn how to draw comics and cartoon characters.

Este libro te ayudará:

  • Get to know the Koka Kids characters
  • Boost your creative confidence
  • Win a prize by entering your art

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