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10 Tips to Master Osoto-Gari

See the full Osoto-Gari tutorial here.

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In this quick post we walk you throw some quick tips to take Osoto-Gari from basic to expert level.

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Let’s get going…

First up,

What is the meaning of Osoto-Gari?

Osoto-Gari means in English major outer reaping throw. See the full definition here.

To do this judo throw attack your partner’s far leg, reaping it out from underneath them with a large sweeping movement, throwing backwards.

If you are not sure how to do this judo technique, then first read the complete Osoto-Gari tutorial

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Get the Skills!

judo certificate osoto gari

Focus on the basics first.

When you attack with Osoto make sure you do all the following:

1. Get uke’s weight over the leg you are going to attack.

2. Control uke’s head by pushing it diagonally backwards over the side you are going to attack.

3. Place your support foot in the right place, to the side of uke’s leg allowing enough space to swing your attack leg through.

4. Stay on balance during the attack.

5. Pull down on uke’s sleeve to prevent being countered.

Become an Expert at Osoto

Now let’s look at boosting your Osoto-Gari to the next level. When you can confidently perform all the following consider yourself an expert.

1. Create a reaction by feinting an attack in the opposite direction before you attack with Osoto-Gari.

2. Set up for Osoto-Gari by first attacking with another ashi-waza.

3. Be able to follow up with a second attack like Sasae-tsuri-komi-ashi or Harai-Goshi if your Osoto is blocked.

4. Be able to counter an Osoto-Gari attack with Osoto-Gaeshi.

5. Understand the difference between Osoto-Gari and Osoto-Guruma.



See the full Osoto-Gari tutorial here – with judo training drills.