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Benefits of Colouring for Kids

Benefits of Colouring

Benefits of colouring for kids are many. Since the release of colouring books like I Am Confident, Brave and Beautiful and Go Girl Doodles (which both shot to the Amazon Bestseller lists) – colouring books have become a recognised form for children to develop confidence. Psychologists have found allowing children to colour allows them to express themselves and make independent choices. Colouring books also benefit children by developing physical skills, like hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.

Colouring Competition

Here, at Koka Kids we hold a monthly Colouring Competition, where children can enter the art and win prizes.

Our range of colouring books includes Unicorn Colouring Book – because who doesn’t love unicorns? And of course judo colouring books too!

So, the benefits of colouring for kids is clear. Grab some crayons, a colouring book and doodle the day away!

Here is a list of the Koka Kids colouring books and others we recommend:

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Judo Colouring Book for Kids

Judo Colouring Book
Judo Colouring Book

Judo Colouring Book
50 Ippons to Colour

For boys and girls who love judo. 50 judo throws, huge ippons, action and fantastic backgrounds.  

This kids colouring book includes
★ 50 ippon drawings to colour in.
★ Spectacular action throws
★ Dynamic, exploding backgrounds
★ Bold, clear lines
★ A4 pages
★ Provides hours of creativity and fun.

Appropriate for all kids who love martial arts and fighting sports like judo.

Benefits of Colouring for Kids are improved eye-hand coordination and development of fine motor-skills as children learn to hold and control the pressure of the crayons against the paper.

Unicorn Colouring Book by Koka Kids

Benefits of Colouring for Kids include building positivity, confidence and imagination

Unicorns Adventure

A great gift to give any young child.

This book has many Benefits of Colouring for Kids as it is all about building children’s positivity, confidence and imagination.

Eight unicorns called Freedom, Luna, Astra, Rainbow, Amor, Jara, Magic and Miyuki take the kids on a magical journey encouraging them to think about concepts like courage and kindness and strength. 

Positive affirmations run throughout this children’s unicorn coloring book, allowing kids to slowly absorb the positive messages as they color.

 A magical way to spend time with little ones.

How to Draw the Koka Kids Cartoon Characters

Draw Cartoon Characters

How to Draw the Koka Kids Cartoon Characters will show you how to draw four cartoon characters from scratch.

Learn how to draw cartoon eyes and create expressions. By making simple changes to the eyes, eyebrows and mouth you can make your character frown or laugh or wink or look surprised. We will show you how!

Learn how to draw cartoon monsters and monkeys. Lear how to draw the friendly monster Blushido with step by step instructions.

Learn how to draw a comic. Use the free form section to develop your own style. Get creative! Add speech bubbles, sound effects and of course plenty of colour!

Before you know it you will be able to draw four amazing cartoon characters including Uchi Banani, Tommy Nagy, Blushido and Katie Gatame.

More Colouring Books for Kids

Three more colouring books that we like:

Want to see the full Koka Kids book collection – for kids who love judo?