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When is judo on at the Paris 2024 Olympics?

Judo Paris Olympics by Koka Kids

Judo Paris Olympics: Let the Dreams Begin!


An Olympic Games is the perfect opportunity to inspire a life-time love of judo.


You can use this free, online booklet to do just that: Paris 2024 Judo at the Games Booklet by Koka Kids

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Who is fighting on what day at the Paris Olympics?



The booklet lets your judoka

  • know when the judo is on

  • know which weight divisions fight on which day


There are prompts to get them thinking and learning

  • can they spot different throws?

  • which was their favourite contest of the day?

  • who was the champion who most impressed them and why?


And space to record the results

  • fill out the names of the eight medal winners each day

  • write down their thoughts on the day’s judo


Use this resource to get your 🥋🥋🥋 judoka watching and learning from the best in the world.


Judo Paris Olympics - who is fighting on what day
Print off individual pages and give them out to your judoka!

Let the dreams begin! Chances are there is a judoka at your dojo who will be inspired by these Games.

Which weight divisions are on on which days at the Paris Olympic Games?

When is the Judo on at the Paris Olympics? The judo event begins in Paris on the 27th July, with two weight divisions per day, finishing on August 3rd 2024.

For more exact timing see this official Olympic Judo Schedule here.

Monday 27th July – u48kgs and u60kgs

Tuesday 28th July – u52gs and u66kgs

Wednesday 29th July – u57kgs and u73kgs

Thursday 30th July – u63kgs and u81kgs

Friday 31st July – u70kgs and u90kgs

Saturday 1st Aug – u78kgs and u100kgs

Sunday 2nd Aug – +78kgs and +100kgs

Sunday 3rd Aug – Mixed Team Event

Watch the GOAT Teddy Riner going for a record breaking fourth Olympic gold, and don’t miss the invincible Abe twins with their incredible technique.

Paris Olympic medal winners print out

How can you use the Judo Paris Olympics Booklet to get your judoka involved in the excitement of the Games?

You can share, download or embed…

  1. Share the booklet by email

  2. Share to your social media

  3. Download as a pdf and print

  4. Embed on your website


How to share or download:

From a phone

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From a computer

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You may also embed the booklet into your own club website. Here is the embed code:

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