Kids Judo Books by Koka Kids
Judo Books by Koka Kids


Want judo books that teach, challenge and inspire?

We publish children’s judo books that help kids learn and enjoy judo. Delivered world wide.

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40 Judo Throws

Judo Groundwork Book


Judo books keep kids learning about judo – even if they can’t get to a dojo right now. Buy a book today!


Written by a judo world champion and Olympic silver medallist

Nik Fairbrother, 7th Dan, MBE authors and designs all the books. Bringing over 30 years of expertise straight from the judo mat to the page.

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judo skill training book

10 Judo Hold Downs Book

Judo Groundwork book for Kids

Jigoro Kano Moral Code Book


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Buy the Koka Kids Judo Suit

The Koka Kids judogi is made especially for children.

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Want to up your skills?

 Master hold downs and turnovers. Discover the judo moral code. Up your game with 20 fun drills.

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Learn how to breakfall



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Get kids to read more

Illustrations increase the willingness to read by 80% and comprehension by 90%. It’s why we use images in all our books.

 10 judo questions to ask your child as they read.