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Judo books helps kids in two important ways. They encourage a child to read more, engaging them in through the sport they love. While all the time building on that passion, motivating them to keep going to judo, and to stay fit, healthy and active. These are some of the best judo books for kids.

Become more agile and learn how to roll and fall safely. Master the hold downs and improve groundwork skills. Get tips and drills on how to train to improve ten essential judo throws. Learn every technique in the judo syllabus. You can buy all the judo books on amazon.


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judo book on judo throws


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Nik Fairbrother, creator of the number one children’s programme Koka Kids is well known in the world of judo. In 1992 Nik won the Olympic silver medal, a year later she became world judo champion. She holds the 7th Dan black belt and an MBE awarded by HRM The Queen. She is the author of many judo books and judo magazines, including the best selling: Judo Throws and Holds. See Nik’s author page on Kindle.

Nik designs her books specifically for judo kids. Bright. Colourful. Highly visual her style captures the imagination of junior judoka. Along the way, fun tips engage, motivate and inspire. Read more about Nik Fairbrother, the mission behind Koka Kids and see previous projects.




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Visuals increase the willingness to read by 80%. Comprehension is increased by 95% when using pictures alongside text. This is one of the reasons why we use judo cartoons in the books; images speed learning. Judo pictures help kids understand judo techniques.

But also visual learning improves recall. Most people are only likely to remember 10% of something they heard, three days after hearing it. But if that information is paired with a supporting visual graphic then retention increases to 65%. Visual learning can help 2 out of every 3 children in any dojo – read more.



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Enter the online kids judo dojo! This is a fun section for judo kids, with kids reading activities and exercise drills to keep mind and body fit and active. Learn judo at home. Take a dojo class, download the free colouring book or study judo online with these judo ebooks.

What do you want to do? See judo animations of all the judo throws in the Gokyo? Master a specific judo waza? Teach yourself judo ukemi? Work out how to tie your judo belt up? Take part in the Uchikomi Challenge? Learn judo groundwork? Try this kids workout circuit? Click to Hajime!


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Inspire your child – and buy a judo book for them. Challenge them to continue learning and developing skills. For these are skills that will stay with them for life. Get them reading and enjoying their judo at the same time! Which judo book will you choose? Discover the whole collection on amazon. Buy a gift that will spark the passion. Only on amazon.

Judo coaches! Want to order these judo books for the judoka at your club? Looking for ways to retain and grow your membership? Order the books at wholesale rates. Engage your judoka. Use these books to reinforce your technique teaching and judo syllabus. See the club prices or ask a question.



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