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Utsuri-Goshi How to do this judo throw


Utsuri-Goshi is an advanced throw, which requires a change of hip direction. It’s often used to counter an attack like Harai-Goshi. Let’s take a look at how to do it.

Utsuri-Goshi changing hip judo throw

How to throw with Utsuri-Goshi

  1. Allow your partner to attack you with a forward throw like Harai-Goshi.
  2. Block the attack. Then bend your knees, grab around the waist and lift uke upwards.
  3. Now switch directions, slip your hips Infront of uke and throw forwards in a movement similar to O-Goshi.

Uki-Goshi v O-Goshi v Utsuri-Goshi

What’s the difference between Uki-Goshi and O-Goshi and Utsuri-Goshi? It’s a good question to ask, and the difference, especially between the first two waza is easily missed.

With Uki-Goshi your throw with the side of your hip to the side, with O-Goshi you push your hips across uke and throw forwards, whereas with Utsuri-Goshi you first lift uke upwards as if you are going to throw them backwards, uranage style, then you switch forwards into O-Goshi.

See this video if still in doubt.

What’s the difference between

Uki-Goshi and O-Goshi?

Uki-goshi judo throw

Uki-Goshi – make contact with the side of your hip and throw off to the side.


O-Goshi – turn in and push your hips across your partner, throw forwards.

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