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Kesa-Gatame Judo Drill

Kesa-Gatame Judo Drill

Kesa-Gatame Judo Drill. In this post we look at Kesa-Gatame and Kuzure Kesa-Gatame and how to teach movement from one judo hold to another.

To really up your groundwork judo game and learn how to do six different turnovers see this post.

If you are just starting check out judo basics and coaches might like this post on how to make judo lesson more fun and memorable.

Groundwork Judo Books

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Kesa-Gatame Judo Book

Dojo Drill: Kesa-Gatame to Kuzure Kesa Gatame

Kesa-Gatame Judo Hold

Osaekomi Circuit

This Kesa-Gatame Judo Drill is an easy exercise that will help if you are teaching judoka age 5 to 8 years old how to switch between hold downs while uke attempts to escape. 

Allow one judoka to apply a Kesa Gatame and then shout Hajime.

On your command the judoka being held down can try to escape.

While uke struggles, tori must let go of their grip around the neck and take hold under the arm to switch into a Kuzure Kesa Gatame without allowing their partner to escape.

This is a relatively easy switch to make but it will provide the base for more complex transitions.

Add on other judo holds like Yoko Shiho Gatame, Tate-Shiho-Gatame and Mune Gatame.

Once they have secured the new hold down shout Sono Mama (freeze). Then after a few seconds shout Yoshi (unfreeze) and see if tori can now revert back to the original hold down.

Tori and Uke work as a team 

While tori is practising holding and moving and adjusting their grips and balance – uke is also benefiting.

Uke must try to make a real attempt to escape. This benefits both judoka.

10 judo hold downs
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Groundwork Warm up Game

This Kesa-Gatame Judo Drill can be used during a warm up or use as a judo game.

This is a training exercise that Don Werner 7th Dan (my coach) would start every session with and I (Nik Fairbrother) have practised it more times than I care to remember. ?

More Newaza…

If you are looking for more ne-waza ideas see this simple turnover to Kesa-Gatame, look at this drill to free a trapped leg or take a look at the comprehensive coaching resource: Ne-waza Resource Bundle for judo coaches.

newaza judo
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Newaza Judo Coaching Pack

Interested in teaching ne-waza? Take a look at the coaching resource: Ne-waza Turnovers. This bundle consists of 30 high resolution templates (certificates, posters and coaching key cards) that you can download and print off and use to teach groundwork judo at your judo club.