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Koshi-Guruma – see how to this judo throw


Koshi Guruma

Koshi-Guruma means “hip wheel.” This throw belongs to group 2 of the Gokyo and is a good one for intermediate judoka to learn. Note the unusual grip around the back of uke’s head.

Tick this judo throw off on your free Gokyo check list when you can throw with it.

How to throw with Koshi-Guruma

  1. Let go of the grip you have on uke’s collar and reach around the back of uke’s neck
  2. Turn in, slipping your hips across uke’s body.
  3. Throw, lifting with your legs and using the grip around uke’s head to direct your partner over your hip and towards the tatami.

Koshi-Guruma Tutorial

You will find a step by step guide on how to do this throw in the book: Fifty Throws and Holds, which you can buy in the Shop.

Koshi-Guruma Master-Class

Watch this Superstarjudo video to see Olympic Champion, Kayla Harrison do this judo throw. Take time to study the slow motion replays.

Head control

See how Harrison changes the grip, keeping hold of the collar instead of the sleeve. This is a variation on the classic version – and very effective. Keeping hold of the collar instead of the sleeve gives you more control over uke’s head.

Use your Koshi – that’s your hip!

This judo throw is very similar to O-Goshi, which you can see here. Both techniques need you to get your hips across uke’s body.

Did you know, in Japanese Koshi means hip?

To see how important your hip movement is to making this throw work see this compilation on You Tube. Watch in particular for how the judoka throwing makes contact with their hip.

Go Slow!

Remember! These are some of the very best judoka in the world in action, and it takes years of practice to achieve this sort of speed and power. When you begin to learn this technique, start slowly, with the basic movement.


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