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Yoko Wakare – how to do this throw

Yoko Wakare

Yoko Wakare is a sutemi-waza (sacrifice throw), which when done well will catch your partner completely unawares. Here’s how:

Yoko Wakare
Yoko Wakare

How to throw with Yoko Wakare

  1. Break balance (kuzushi) first, by pulling your partner forwards towards their front corner
  2. Drop down, stretching both legs out in front of you, twisting as you drop to land on your side
  3. Throw your partner over your outstretched body.

Making Yoko Wakare more dynamic

To make Yoko Wakare more dynamic you can spin into the turn, instead of laying down. This gives the technique greater momentum.

This version works well, when you are being dominated by your opponent on the grips, and struggling to find your posture; your partner has a high lapel grip and is pushing you downwards.

You can use this disadvantage to your advantage. Push back hard, and as you feel uke react and come forwards spin under for the throw.

Here is another advanced option, demonstrated by Sofiane Milous, European Champion that shows how you can make the grips (kumi-kata) work for you.

Yoko means side

Yoko means side and we come across the word a lot in judo techniques; Yoko tomoe-nage, Yoko-Guruma, Yoko Gake (below), Yoko Otoshi – it means to being at the side of your partner, and refers to the position where we attack from.

Here are some examples:


Yoko Gake
Yoko Gake


Yoko Otoshi

Advanced Judo

Continue to learn advanced judo, with the Koka Kids book « 20 Combinations. » This book contains combinations into sutemi-waza like Uchi-mata into Sumi-Gaesh, and others and develops movement and the ability to link two, three or more throws together in combination.

20 Judo Combinations

Judo Combination
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