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Moderately Satisfied Don Werner Biography

Moderately Satisfied Don Werner

Moderately Satisfied Don Werner Our Sensei is a book written by Nik Fairbrother and Karen Roberts. It is the biography of the legendary Pinewood judo coach told by two pupils.

Published in 2015, the book sold out quickly and there are no longer copies available to be bought.

However, more information on Don Werner can be found at these posts written by Nik Fairbrother:

don Werner judo coach
Moderately Satisfied Don Werner

Moderately Satisfied Don Werner

Although the book Moderately Satisfied Don Werner Our Sensei is now sold out, you can find out more about Don by reading these 4 posts which are excerpts from the book written by Nik Fairbrother.

Don Werner the Judo Coach

Meeting Don Werner for the First Time

Missed Uchi-Komi

Becoming a judo world world champion

Donald Franklin Werner

Written by world bronze medallist and junior world champion, Karen Roberts:

Donald Franklin Werner was born at his grandparent’s house in Crystal Palace Road, Dulwich on 20th May 1932. His parents Ernie and Doris Werner had moved in with Franklin and Maud Werner (Don’s grandparents) whilst Doris was pregnant. Don’s brother, John was born in February 1936.

Don went to Hawes Down secondary school. He left school at age 15, and went straight to work at Muirheads in Beckenham as an electrical wireman, a job which he said «he hated, and that he would much rather be a PE teacher.»

At age 18, Don carried out his National Service, for the Royal Horse Artillery serving in Germany and Egypt.

In 1958 Don moved to Bracknell, with his wife Norma, to start a new job at Sperry’s, and it was a Sperry’s that Don picked up a leaflet offering judo classes at the local Scout Hut. Don decided to go along, not knowing that within a few years he would be coaching the juniors at the club, and the sport would become his life.

Moderately Satisfied

Moderately Satisfied became Don’s catch phrase, and even after a huge success Don would say with a stern look that he was only moderately satisfied. Over time, it became clear to us all this meant he was chuffed to bits.

Don Werner’s Legacy

The achievements of Don Werner, one of the world’s greatest judo sensei:

  • 55 years coach of Bracknell/Pinewood Judo Club
  • 4 World Champions
  • 4 Olympians
  • 1 Olympic Silver Medallist
  • 38 times Devizes Top Club
  • 296 Junior National Champions
  • 822 Junior National Medallists
  • 144 National Squad members
  • 132 Black Belts
  • 28 World Medals
  • 9 European Titles
  • 2 Commonwealth Games champions