Kids Judo Books by Koka Kids
Judo Books by Koka Kids

A Judo Library for Judo Teachers

Judo Teachers this is for you! Koka Kids Coaching Resources is an online library, packed full with useful teaching resources.

Koka Kids Judo Coaching Resources has been created by Olympic silver medallist, Nicola Fairbrother. It’s a place for judo coaches.

Koka Kids Coaching Resources is more than just a judo library; here coaches can get inspired with training ideas, and learn about ways to motivate and engage their students.

Here you will find information from someone who has spent their life-time in judo, first as an Olympic and World class competitor, then developing the Koka Kids programme which has helped hundreds of thousands of children all over the world enjoy and learn judo.

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Judo Library – see the index


100+ judo resources for you to use, more added every week!

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Here’s a handy index to help you find stuff, but with new content going up weekly, this just scratches the surface of what’s available.

Koka Kids 4 Skills

Track students progress, keep them motivated, and watch them excel. Visit the Koka Kids 4 Skills section to see all techniques.

Ippon Seoi-Nage





More coming … every month a new throw for paid subscribers.

Trows, Hold Downs, Turnovers & Combinations 

A selection of the technical resources. With a paid subscription you access the full library + get new content. Go the Teach Technique section or use the search tool to find more.


Ouchi-Gari into Sumi-Gaeshi


Kuzure Kami Shiho Gatame

Ippon Seoi-Nage to Kouchi-Gari

Okuri-Ashi Barai (free resource)

Double Arm Roll

Kouchi-Gari into Morote Seoi-Nage

Deashi Barai

Escape from Kami Shiho Gatame


Advanced Ashi-Waza Drill

Side Roll


Osoto-Gari Drill

Shadow Judo

Transition to Newaza

Twist Back

Sasae to Osoto-Gari

Inside Leg Roll



Makura Kesa-Gatame (free to use)


Osaekomi Test

Knee Lever

Shoulder Roll

Kouchi-Gari into Deashi Barai

Belt Flip

Kami Shiho Gatame



More Techniques

Flyers, Posters and Certificates

To help coaches promote judo classes and engage members. For more like this go to archivesand discover them all. 

Jita Kyoei Certificate

Benefits of Judo (free to use)

Dojo Rules Poster

Tournament Poster and Medal Certificates

Promote your next Class Flyers

Judo Moral Code: Modesty

Best Referee

Good Attendance

Uchikomi Challenge

Jigoro Kano Award

Japanese Words 

Judo Teaches Respect

Christmas Colour In

Judoka of the Term

Judo is for Everyone (free to use)

Moral Code Poster

Osaekomi Dojo Poster

Spirit of Judo Certificate

Free Resources

Interactive Books

Animated and interactive, online books – to help judoka prepare for gradings!

85 Japanese Judo Words (free)

USJF Interactive Grading Syllabus Books (free)

Flyer: Judo Builds Confidence

Let everyone know that judo is a fantastic sport to boost confidence and self esteem with this week’s poster/flyer template.

Kouchi-Gari into Ippon Seoi-Nage

For Judo teachers looking to introduce combinations this is a great place to start!

Promote Judo FLYER

A poster/flyer to help judo teachers build up numbers on their next class intake: Learn Judo Join the Next Class.

Side RollKz

A great turnover, that teaches the importance of timing and surprise in groundwork.

Kuzure Tate-Shiho- GatameGGatamexxx Kz

A variation hold down that will expand your judoka’s groundwork skills: Kuzure Tate-Shiho-Gatame.

Six Directions

Six directions

Build a range of attacks encouraging judoka to use all the directions.

Wrist Grab

Teach your kids this nifty turnover. Get a step by step tutorial.


Certificates and Step by Step Cards on how to do Koshi-Guruma; two ways.

Obi Race

Back to judo basics! A poster showing the steps on how to tie your judo belt.

Hane Goshi

Judo Teachers can access these step by step teaching cards on KK+

Shadow Judo

Shadow Judo is a drill judo teachers can use at any time to improve technique.

Harai-Goshi into Osoto-Gari

Teach the importance of provoking a reaction with this classic combo.

Transition to Newaza

Being able to transitioning from tachi-waza to ne-waza is an essential skill.

Judo Teachers using O-Goshi Certificate


O-Goshi is a good throw to teach beginners and intermediates because it allows control.

Judo Coaching Resource by Koka Kids

Osoto into Sasae

Help your kids build movement with this combination.

Shoulder Roll on KK+

Shoulder Roll

Break through defences with this easy-to-learn groundwork turnover.


Judo teachers can download visuals to help judoka learn how to do Osoto-Gari.


Certificates to print and give out to judoka when they have mastered the hold down.

Judo Teachers Teaching Card

Tai-Otoshi into Uchi-Mata

Teach this combination with these visuals to support your lessons.

Belt Flip

An excellent turnover to use when uke defends by laying flat on their stomach.

Judo Coaches and Teaching Resources


How to throw with Tai-Otoshi, a step-by-step teaching card and certificate.

Yoko Shiho Gatame Teaching Card for Judo Teachers and Instructors


Judo teachers can download a certificate and teaching card for Yoko Shiho Gatame.

Ouchi-Gari to Tai-Otoshi

A fantastic combination to develop movement, timing and balance.

Judo Cards for Coaches and Teachers

The Pull Through

Judo teachers can combine resources. Use this turnover and end in the hold down Kesa-Gatame.


Step-by-step teaching cards for Ouchi-Gari and Ouchi-Gari into Tai-Otoshi.

Judo Hold Down Certificate


Encourage judoka with this Kesa-Gatame certificate, and teaching card.

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