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Judo Coaches – 10 Best Sites for Teaching Kids

Judo Coaches

For Junior Judo Coaches

Judo Coaches here are a ton of useful resources to use with your young judoka. Keep them learning and engaged with judo.

For printable visuals, Judo Instructors should sign up to KK+ Judo Coaching Resources.

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What is KK+ ?

What’s Koka Kids+? Well, it’s like Koka Kids Free Resources, but taken up a notch with technical resources. Currently at just $7.00 a month, and your support makes these resources possible. By becoming a member of Koka Kids+ you directly support, the work that goes into designing and creating this library of judo resources, and get access to lots of extra content. I really hope to see you there!

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10 Best Websites For Teaching Kids Judo

Below, ten websites that specialise in junior judo including superb content from the International Judo Federation, The Kodokan and The French Judo Federation.

You’ll find videos, books, lesson-planners and took-kits to support your teaching.

Don’t miss the the Kodomo-No-Kata by the IJF, the Fighting Films Introduction to Judo series with Megan Fletcher presenting the basics or the fantastic Club Kodomo that is taking France by storm.

judo coaches resources

1. Koka Kids Coaching Resources

A growing library of coaching resources, including flyers, certificates and step-by-step teaching cards. Helps judo coaches plan lessons. Koka Kids offers a free and a paid option, sending out the resources every Monday to all coaches who have signed up.

IJF toolkit for teaching judo

2. IJF Judo in Schools

A pedagogic exercise programme to develop children’s mental and physical health led by Ruben Houkes from the IJF Children Commission. Tons of useful resources here, including a Toolkit, ideas on how to build lessons, 30 Games and how to organise teaching judo in schools.

Judo Coach Video of Kata for Kids

3. Kodomo-No-Kata

The IJF, The French Judo Federation and The Kodokan have come together to create the Kodomo-no-kata meant for young judoka. Two superb videos to watch, each with seven modules covering attitude, ukemi and movement. Judo coaches can use these videos when teaching, as Jean-Luc Rougé, IJF Secretary General, says «It will be an effective resource for working with young and old.»

judo throws

4. Animated Judo Throws

On Koka Kids, children can watch animated GIFs of each technique in The Gokyo. Judo Throws is an animated online resource to accompany the judo book 40 Judo Throws: How to Throw – in this book each throw is illustrated step-by-step and can be used by the judo coach as a reference book while they teach.

5. Introduction to Judo by Fighting Films has an extensive library of judo videos for elite coaching but also there is a section for coaching juniors. In the Introduction to Judo series, Megan Fletcher walks new Judoka through the basics from tying the belt to how to score points in judo.

6. Games (Mostly for Kids)

If it is games you are after here’s a useful list by Neil Ohlenkamp, the webmaster of the Judo Information Site. A simple list of fun ideas judo coaches can introduce into warm-ups to get children learning and moving.

7. IJF Kids Golden League

JudoFit Kids Golden League from the IJF, is aimed at children under 14 years old that encourages children to complete challenges, and fitness exercises like judo squats and burpees. The children earn golden cards, with a ranking list to further motivate kids to becoming more active.

8. Books for Kids Who Love Judo

Written by judo world champion and Olympic silver medallist, Nik Fairbrother, the Koka Kids books help kids understand concepts and techniques quickly. The collection is growing and now available in English, Spanish, French and German. All books can be purchased on Amazon.

9. Club Kodomo (French)

The French Judo Federation have launched Club Kodomo to encourage children in judo. Kodomo, a Japanese red panda, is the mascot who travels around France accompanied by some of France’s greatest champions creating a massive judo buzz on the L’itineraire des Champions.

10. Mon Grading Videos

British Judo have a set of clear, simple videos to show all techniques for their Mon and Kyu Syllabus. It’s a free resource and useful to prepare for gradings.

What makes a good judo coach?

A good judo coach guides, leads, encourages and cares for those they are coaching; they are a role model for their pupils to follow; and they are able to impart this knowledge and experience through their teaching.

A good judo coach leaves behind an important legacy. Like Sensei Jigoro Kano said: «Nothing under the sun is greater than education. By educating one person and sending him into the society of his generation, we make a contribution extending a hundred generations to come.»

Is judo good for kids to learn?

Judo is good for kids to learn, physical benefits include improvement in fitness, coordination, flexibility and strength, and mental health benefits include boosted self-esteem, confidence and social inclusion.

Judo Coaches can promote these Benefits of Judo with this free flyer.