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Want to continue getting judo resources in 2024

Hi everyone! Nik here from Koka Kids Judo with an update on the Judo Resources and how to continue getting them in 2024.

Ive made the decision that after 18 months, and publishing over 100 free resources, that I wont be publishing free content going into 2024. This is so I can concentrate on the growing paid members and increase quality. From today, you will need a paid subscription to download any of the resources in the Koka Kids Coach Resources library. So, if youve appreciated my work so far, and become a part of this coach network, perhaps enjoyed using the resources at your dojo, then please consider taking out a paid subscription.

Get 10% off forever

For those of you on a free subscription then each Monday you will receive a taster, a preview of each week, but you will not be able to download anything.

Why you might consider a paid subscription

  • Time. Each resource takes time to design and craft. Getting paid for this work, I hope youll agree is correct. Your subscription will enable me to continue this work, adding new and better resources for judo coaches to use. I have some ideas for 2024, including the Ippon series to encourage judoka to try techniques in randori and shiai that have I begun work on and will be ready for you all very soon.

  • Become a part of this judo network. This is a growing, dynamic place, which you can be a part of, and shape. Im open to suggestions about resources coaches need. Please reply, leave comments, ask questions. Im here on the end of this (no big team, just me) and will be delighted if you get in touch.

  • Its worth it – you get the whole library! Theres a LOT behind the paywall. Please take a look through the most popular sections or scroll back through the archives. There are colouring pages, reward certificates, promotional posters to promote and engage. There are step-by-step cards, technique certificates, drills and training ideas to teach throws, combinations, hold downs and turnovers. All this is yours to use.

  • Keep updated and inspired, with new content every week. Every Monday, I update the library with more and more useful content, so the library keeps growing week on week, month on month. As a paid subscriber this is there for you to dip into and use at any time. This new content is also sent directly to you inbox, so you wont miss anything. Inspiration and ideas for the weeks lesson planning arriving every Monday morning.

2024 January Offer

You can pay for a single month at 瞿8/$9 and fill your boots, or you can stay as an on-going member and join the brilliant community (which is cheaper if you pay for the year at 瞿70/$85).

Less still if you take out this offer before the end of January 2024, which gives you 10% off and grandfathers you into the price forever. No matter if prices go up you will pay the same.

Get 10% off forever

See what a paying subscription includes

If thats not possible for you right now, and youd really like access then contact me, as I give away three subscriptions for free each month for clubs who are struggling.

Gain free access by referring judo friends

For 2024, Im also going to give referrals a go. Its a way you can gain access just by referring these resources to a few friends.

A win-win, as I see it. You help me get the word out by referring Koka Kids Coaching Resources to other judo coaches, perhaps with some kind words about how you are finding the resources useful – and I give you free access to the library.

How to participate

1. Share Koka Kids Judo Coaching Resources. When you use the referral link below, or the Share button on any post, you’ll get credit for any new subscribers. Simply send the link in a text, email, or share it on social media with friends.

Refer a friend

2. Earn benefits. When more friends use your referral link to subscribe (free or paid), youll receive special benefits.

  • Get a 1 month comp for 3 referrals

  • Get a 3 month comp for 10 referrals

  • Get a free Koka Kids book for 25 referrals

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1992 Olympic Silver Medallist
– 1993 World Champion
– Publisher of Koka Kids childrens judo books
– Professionally trained chef, Leiths Diploma

More about my work and me. Im Nicola Fairbrother. Im a double Olympian (Barcelona 1992 Silver and Atlanta 1996 5th), light-weight World Champion (1993), triple European Champion, voted by Sunday Times as Sportswoman of the Year and awarded a MBE by HM The Queen. I publish a range of childrens judo books (Koka Kids) Im also a trained trained chef (Leiths Professional Diploma) and run another substack called Olympian Kitchen which focusses on healthy eating.