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Uki-goshi – See how to do this judo throw


Uki-goshi is a hip throw (koshi-waza) and a great technique for beginner judoka to start learning. See more judo throws for beginners or visit this page to see every single judo technique.

Uki-goshi judo throw

How to throw with Uki-goshi

  1. Let go of your grip on the collar and grab uke around their waist.
  2. Attack using the side of your hip, aiming to lift uke off the ground
  3. Throw uke off to one side.

Uki-Goshi Tutorial

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Judo Throws and Holds

Masashi Ebinuma Video

Go to throw 16 of this incredible video compilation of 40 different judo techniques to see Masashi Ebinuma launch his opponent with this technique. Have you seen a better competition example?


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