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Tsurikomi-goshi – see how to do this judo throw


Tsurikomi-goshi is a difficult technique to learn. However, it is important you do. It one of the 40 judo throws in the Gokyo and often used in Kata Judo.

Return to the judo throws page to find techniques more suitable for beginners like De-Ashi-Barai, O-Goshi or O-Soto-Gari.

How to throw with Tsurikomi-goshi

  1. Pull uke so they take a couple of steps towards you. Pull them upwards onto their tip toes as you do.
  2. Turn in. Instead of tucking your elbow in, leave your arm up straight. (If this feels awkward, then you’re doing it right!)
  3. Keep driving upwards with your arm, as you slip your hips in. Throw uke over the top. Bend at your knees and keep your back as straight as you can.

Tsurikomi-Goshi Tutorial

Go to page 30 of Fifty Throws and Holds to see how to do this throw.

Watch a video

We have found a couple videos to help you understand the mechanics of this throw.

  1. Efficient Judo – this is a clear example of how to throw.
  2. Mercury Judo – old footage of the Japanese version.

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