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Soto-Makikomi See how to do this judo throw


Soto-Makikomi is similar to Hane-Makikomi. Watch both animations and see if you can spot the difference. Remember the sleeve grip is key in both of these waza.


How to Throw with Soto-Makikomi

  1. To do this waza you need to let go of your grip on the collar. Keep a tight grip on the sleeve throughout.
  2. Lift you arm up and reach over uke’s arm.
  3. Turn in. Wrap uke’s arm around your body, and wind it around you as you rotate.
  4. Keep rotating to finish the throw and score Ippon!

Soto-Makikomi Tutorial

Go to page 64 and 64 of the book to see a step by step guide to doing this technique. Learn all the judo throws step by step. Buy the book.

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