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Kosoto-Gari – how to do this judo throw


Ko-Soto-Gari is an ashi-waza so get ready with your feet! Curl the sole of your foot around uke’s outside heel and slide uke’s foot smoothly towards you.

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How to throw with Ko-Soto-Gari

  1. Pull uke towards you so they take a step forward and place their full weight onto their foot.
  2. Use the sole of your foot. Hook the outside of uke’s ankle and smoothly pull uke’s foot forwards.
  3. Control uke’s fall towards the mat. Steer uke backwards, using your grip on the lapel and sleeve.

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Kosoto-Gari by Keiji Suzuki

Watch this video and see world champion, Keiji Suzuki of Japan throwing in competition with this technique.

Note the excellent timing of the technique. See how Suzuki catches his opponent’s foot just before it touches the mat. Don’t miss the slow motion replay near the end of the video.

Footwork – it’s the key!

Here is another great Japanese master, showing how important it is to get your footwork right as you attack. Watch the video here.