Kids Judo Books by Koka Kids
Judo Books by Koka Kids

Judo Colouring Pages for Kids

Judo colouring pages for kids who love judo are now available from Koka Kids. A bit of fun to get the creative juices flowing.

Judo Colouring Pages Mindset

Be the Best

That all important positive mindset develops from a young age. Be the best you can be!

More to Colour In

Judo Colouring Pages for our youngest fans, for those of you who love judo and art – download them now!

Ippon Seoi Nage

Learn Ippon Seoi-Nage, as you colour away!

Ippon Seoi Nage Colour In

Colouring Helps Development

Colouring helps development, and we are not only talking judo here. Colouring improves fine motor skills, helps with concentration and focus, encourages relaxation and prepares kids for school.

For more about the benefits of colouring for kids see this post by Little Learners.

For young judoka, colouring can help with technique name recognition and recall, positive imagery and engagement around the sport that goes beyond the time spent on the tatami.

Judo Colouring Book – 50 Ippons!

Judo Colouring Book

The Koka Kids Judo Colouring Book, available on Amazon, will delight kids who love judo and colouring, with 50 black and white ippon throws to colour in.

Have fun as you colour in the spectacular judo throws. There are many different techniques and fantastic backgrounds, with bold clear lines.

The pages are A4, and can be cut out of the book later to be saved or shared.

Ippon throw by Koka Kids

Ippon Colour In Page from the Judo Colouring Book

How to Draw the Koka Kids

Everybody knows and loves Uchi Banani the fun Koka Kids monkey. Now learn, step by step, how to draw him and his friends.

In how to draw you will learn how to four of the Koka Kids characters from scratch.

Learn how to draw Uchi Banani, Tommy Nagy, Katie Gatame and Blushido. 

How to draw Uchi Banani

Have fun!

Learn how to draw cartoon eyes and create expressions. By making simple changes to the eyes, eyebrows and mouth you can make your character frown or laugh or wink or look surprised. We will show you how!

How to Draw Judo

Judo Books for Children by Koka Kids

Judo books keep kids learning about judo – even when they are away from the Dojo.

Keep the passion burning brightly for judo, and encourage your child to read more.

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judo skill training book
Learn Judo Breakfalls Book Cover

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