Kids Judo Books by Koka Kids
Judo Books by Koka Kids

Judo Certificates for Judo Coaches

Judo certificates for judo coaches looking to teach technique or reward achievement

Judo certificates are an excellent tool for judo coaches to use, to encourage judoka to attend training sessions and learn techniques.

Koka Kids has released five new packs, all available to buy as stand alone purchases here: Certificates.

You can read about how coaches are using these certificates to motivate and recognise achievements at their clubs in this brochure.

Five packs of judo certificates to choose from

Achievement Certificates to Reward Effort

Judo Certificates for judo coaches

Five certificates to recognise effort and achievement, including a “Good Attendance”, “Best Beginner”, “Judoka of the Week”, “Most Improved” and “Judo Spirit” award.

Certificates for a Competition Day

Judo Competition Certificates

If you are holding an event, a club tournament or competition then this pack of certificates can be used to give the children at the end of the day. There is a “Throw of the Day”, “Best Newaza”, “Courage Award”, “Best Referee”, “Excellence Award”, “100% Effort” and a couple of “Well Done!”

Technical Certificates for Beginners

Eight certificates for judoka just starting judo, including “I can tie my Obi”, “Kesa-Gatame”, “Yoko shiho Gatame”, “Knee Lever”, “Pull Through”, “O-Goshi” “Ouchi-Gari” and “Deashi Barai.”

Technical Certificates for Intermediate

Certificates for Judoka

This certificate pack is aimed at beginners to intermediate level judoka with “Shadow Judo”, “Tate-Shiho-Gatame”, “Kami shiho Gatame”, “Belt Flip”, “Double ArmRoll”, “Tai-Otoshi” “Kouchi-Gari” and “Osoto-Gari.”

Technical Certificates for Advanced Judoka

For advanced judo kids

A pack of 12 certificates for advanced judoka containing one drill, two hold downs, two turnovers, three throws and four combinations (not all shown in the image) – plenty to take skills up a level.

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