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Koka Kids Judo Magazine

Koka Kids Judo Magazine
Koka Kids Judo Magazine by Nik Fairbrother

Koka Kids Judo Magazine was launched in 2001, by the 1992 Olympic silver medallist and former judo world champion, Nicola Fairbrother as a way to encourage kids to learn about judo in a fun way.

The judo magazine quickly gained popularity, with the judo community backing the new colourful journal, which was a welcome and long needed update from the typical black and white images of the era.

The Koka Kids Judo magazine was the first judo magazine in the world that was 100% dedicated to junior judoka.

A decade later and the magazine was firmly established in the judo world. Over half a million copies of Koka Kids Judo Magazine had been published, read and enjoyed by judoka all over the world.

The magazines, now under the management of Fighting Films continues to grow. New ideas to engage this age group, have been the addition of fun judo trading cards, and fake judo tattoos.

Update: Please contact Fighting Films for subscriptions on the Koka Kids Magazine.

Judo Books

Nik Fairbrother continues to run the Koka Kids website and has authored a series of judo books for kids. These judo books use the distinctive Koka Kids style and characters to bring judo throws and judo techniques to life for young judoka.

These judo books are based on Nik’s training with the legendary judo coach Don Werner, as incorporates tips and drills she used to become a judo world champion.

For Nik’s favourite judo books for adults – take a look at this list.

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Working with judo coaches

Nik also works with judo coaches and National Governing Bodies to create bespoke projects, like this Irish Judo Syllabus.

If you have an idea, please just get in touch to discuss.

Koka Kids Judo Magazine Front Covers

Let’s back through time, and a reminder of some of our favourite front covers and editions.