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Judo Instructors – 10 Best Websites for Developing Skills

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For Judo Instructors Developing Skills and Knowledge

Judo Instructors and teachers here are ten top judo websites for anyone looking to gain knowledge and develop skills to teach judo.

For Judo Coaches specialising in teaching kids judo please sign up to Koka Kids Judo Coaching Resources.

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What is KK+ ?

What’s Koka Kids+? Well, it’s like Koka Kids Free Resources, but taken up a notch with technical resources. Currently at just $7.00 a month, and your support makes these resources possible. By becoming a member of Koka Kids+ you directly support, the work that goes into designing and creating this library of judo resources, and get access to lots of extra content. I really hope to see you there!

Judo Teachers can go to the KK+ Hub to see more.


10 Best Websites For Judo Instructors

Below, ten websites dedicated to developing skills and providing technical support for judo instructors.

For qualifications take a look at what the IJF Academy, British Judo and the USJF offer. For online coaching don’t miss the 1 to 1 mentorship from Neil Adams, the live classes from Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens, and massive range of SuperStarJudo videos.

For books, look no further than Koka Kids! For judo instructors we recommend: 20 Dojo Drills and 85 Judo Words.

Judo Instructors Undergraduate Course IJF Academy

1. IJF Academy

Gain an Undergraduate Certificate as a Judo Instructor in a 18 week course, or/and Undergraduate Certificate in Judo Management in 8 weeks. The IJF Academy aims to educate coaches and help competitors continue their path as coaches. Led by Dr. Tibor Kozsla, Course Instructor and Envic Galea, Chairman IJF Academy.

2. Kodokan Classification of Waza

From The Kodokan a list of Nage-waza (68 techniques) and Kagame-Waza (32 techniques) with a pdf download of all names of the techniques. Techniques are linked to Youtube videos, like this example of Seoi-nage.

Judo Instructor Jigoro Kano Sensei

3. Teachings of Kano Jigoro Shihan

What Is Seiryoku-Zenyo and Jita-Kyoei? How to live, how to become a worthy person, the meanings of judo and much more. The original words and teachings of Sensei Jigoro Kano and why judo is more than a sport.

British Judo Coaching

4. British Judo Coaching

The main portal from British Judo and jumping off point into various topics designed for judo instructors like how to get started, courses and professional development.

Judo instructors mentored by Neil Adams

5. Neil Adams 1:1

Neil Adams MBE is now offering personalised 1:1 mentorship for judo instructors, referees and athletes. Coach to coach live discussion, in person or online, with technical and tactical reviews and instructional improvements and a comprehensive technical video library.

6. Technical Tuesday with Taka

Judo Scotland’s high performance assistant coach Takafumi Kitahara has a series of superb videos on Technical Tuesday, explaining techniques and movements like this video on Tai-Sabaki.

7. SuperStar Coaches

Superstar by Fighting Films is where you will find the world’s top judoka coaching you to greatness. Champions like Lucie Decosse, Neil Adams, Kirill Denisov, Kayla Harrison, Darcel Yandzi, Ole Bishof, Euan Burton, Winston Gordon and Megan Fletcher.

8. USJF Judo Teacher Manual

Excellence in Judo is a teacher manual authored by Hayward Nishioka – 9th Dan,  Professor of Kinesiology, Los Angeles City College and Mitchell Palacio – 7th Dan, Professor of Kinesiology, City College of San Francisco. A free online resource for judo instructors to read.

9. American Judo System Dojo

Jimmy Pedro & Travis Stevens have created the American Judo System, a virtual dojo, to learn and analyse judo. There are live judo classes every couple weeks, and Pedro and Stevens interact with the members.

Dojo Drills for judo instructors and coaches

10. 20 Drills for 10 Throws

This book from Koka Kids covers 20 Dojo Drills judo instructors can use when teaching 10 techniques. Each technique has two drills to practice fundamental parts of the technique like improving footwork, or developing speed of entry.