Kids Judo Books by Koka Kids
Judo Books by Koka Kids

Judo Magazine Issue 59

The latest Koka Kids Judo Magazine is out!

And it’s time to…

We’ve kept busy in lockdown – now it’s time to go back to school, and for some judoka it’s also back to the tatami!

It’s definitely time to get your copy of the latest Koka Kids Judo Magazine.

Issue 59 is out now, and it’s bumper packed with judo fun, technique – and even judo trading cards.

What’s in this issue?

What’s in this Judo Magazine?

Learn Judo with Euan Burton

When you get your judo magazine – take a look at the judo technique Master Class with World and European medallist, Euan Burton on Kouchi Gari. Plus all readers get a personalised QR code so they can also watch it on Superstar Judo.

Each Judo Magazine has Trading Cards inside

Every issue has a sheet of 9 judo cards inside – these can be traded and used like Top Trumps.

Each sheet contains 4 British Fighters, 3 Animal Fighters (there have been created form readers drawings) and 2 technique cards.

Additional cards can be bought online for £2 for 4 sheets, which is a total of 36 cards.

Who is the Fighting Films superstar?

In this issue of the Koka Kids Judo Magazine, there are interviews with Sally Conway, Nekoda Smyth Davis and Ben & Megan Fletcher, on how these judo champions have been coping with lock down and advice from the on how to keep fit/ positive.

Craig Fallon tribute Poster

And don’t miss the centre page poster, a tribute to World and European Champion, Craig Fallon.

How can Koka Kids help engage judoka during these challenging times?

This is a judo magazine that can help to keep children stay engaged in their judo, by making them think about their judo, their club and the friends they have in the sport.

In the next issue look out for more exercises and tips on things judoka can do to get themselves “Judo Ready.”  Jonathan Pursey did a good piece on this, in this issue.

We will also be continuing to link features through to Superstarjudo, so that the readers can follow up by watching clips online.

There is a very high level of content to engage the kids.

How can I subscribe to the magazine?

For individual subscriptions click here.

For club subscriptions email Sharon Da Costa directly.