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Judo Activity Sheets

Fun stuff to print out for judoka to do at home.

Get the Judo Activity Sheets and help kids learn more about judo. Here are three judo activities you might like to try out at your dojo this week: download the print-outs here.

Judo Activity Sheet by Koka Kids HONOUR

1. The Moral Code – Honour

The first judo activity sheet gets our judoka thinking about the judo moral code, and in particular the meaning of : “Honour.” Here is a good article by the IJF on Honour.

You could use the sheet to provoke a discussion

  1. What does the word HONOUR mean to them? 
  2. Can they think of examples when they’ve acted with honour in the dojo?
  3. Is there a role model you can talk about, and an example of how this person acted with honour?

Or allow them to take it home and complete it in their own time

  1. They can colour in the Japanese Kanji
  2. In their own words, they can take time to write down what Honour means to them.

Download the teaching material:

Judo Activity Sheets by Nicola Fairbrother

Keep the kids coming back to the tatami week after week. Here’s how.

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2. Five Japanese Judo Words

Next up, let’s test those brain cells, and brush up on some Japanese judo terminology. 

You could print these work sheets up, and leave them on a dojo table for anyone who would like some judo homework.

  1. Check back in a week and see the answers. 
  2. Use these Japanese words as you teach and see who has grasped the meaning.

Instead of printing, you could send to your membership by email for parents to print out and give to their children.

  1. If the judoka (or parents!!!!) need help then you can point them towards this free online book which has all the answers: Learn Japanese Judo Words

3. Colour a Throw

Last up, a black and white print-out that your youngest judoka can bring to life with colour. 

You could organise a colouring competition

  1. Put the entries up on a wall for all to see
  2. Give a small prize to those who make an effort

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