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Iliadis Ippon – Focus on Yamarashi

Ilias Iliadis the Ippon Thrower

Illiadis Ippon could well be his name, he throws that many ippons! Iliadis’ first name is actually Ilias, and he is is one of judo’s biggest throwing powers.

In this article we take a look at one of the Olympic champion’s tokui-waza – Yamarashi.

Want to score more ippons? Or want to know how to score ippon and win at judo?

Iliadis Ippon with Yamarashi

Let’s focus on throwing an Illiadis Ippon with the judo technique Yamarashi. Yamarashi is a judo technique that needs an unusual grip.

To do this throw you need to take hold of the same side of your partner’s jacket.

Take hold using both hands to grip the lapel, or take hold of the collar and sleeve on the same side.

Olympic and double world champion Ilias Iliadis attacks with Yamarashi getting incredible height, force and power into his judo technique to score an outright ippon.

How does Iliadis throw for ippon:

Illiadis Ippon
Illiadis Ippon

Who is Iliadis?

Ilias Iliadis became Olympic champion at just seventeen years of age. In London 2012 he won an Olympic bronze medal. He is also a double world champion.

You can read more about this quite incredible judo legend here.

Learning Iladias’ Yamarashi

The Entry

Take hold of the collar and sleeve on the same side of the jacket, and step across use’s body as if you were going to do an Osoto-Gari.

Note: Iliadis holds the collar with both hands – instead of collar and sleeve.


Iliadis Ippon: Getting The Lift

When uke reacts, slip your hips through and turn through like you would for a Seoi-Toshi. Clamp uke to your back.


Getting the Height

Get height, driving upwards from your legs, as you rotate. Turn your head and keep driving forward.


The Iliadis Ippon Finish

Make sure you completely finish the technique. Rotate fully, turning your head and body and at the same time.

Keep the pull on the sleeve/collar to make sure uke can’t twist out to avoid the full ippon score.


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