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Judo Books by Koka Kids

Get kids to read more using a subject they love

get kids to read more

Get kids to read more by using a subject they love (ie judo) to motivate them. Their passion to know more about judo will have them turning the pages, and reading without even thinking about it.

Importance of reading

Books can change your life. The really great (judo) books challenge, and motivate, they bring something to your life, that helps you live it in a more empowering way.

I (Nik Fairbrother) can pinpoint five judo books that changed my life. Not just my judo life, but my whole life. That is the power of reading.

So, how can we get children to want to read?

The answer lies in using something they are already passionate about – ie judo and let’s make it fun and visual as well.

What makes kids love reading is something I’ve learnt a lot about over the years as I have developed Koka Kids and these judo books and judo ebooks

And it is fact: Illustrations play a huge part. Visuals get kids to read more, by drawing a child into the book.

How do illustrations get kids to read more?

Illustrations bring a book to life, but they also do two very important things:

Firstly, they help kids comprehend what they are reading.

Secondly, they make learning more permanent.

Here are more facts on visual learning and its benefits.

1. Improving comprehension

When pictures are used alongside text, comprehension is increased by 95%.

Judo pictures not only help kids understand the judo techniques easier, but they also help kids connect the words to meaning.

A huge obstacle to get kids to read more is getting past the problem of not understanding what they are reading. Once the words begin to make sense, reading becomes easy and a joy to continue.

get children to read more

Judo pictures help kids understand both the technique and the accompanying text.

2. Improving Recall

Visuals also help us remember what we’ve read. Weeks later, when words you have heard have been forgotten, images remain in our brain. They are easier to recall.

This illustration (below) of O-Uchi-Gari will be far easier to recall in three days time, than the accompanying text.

Studies have shown that information paired with a relevant visual graphic increases retention as much as 65%.

judo books that get kids to read more

Images help to make learning more permanent. Paired with text, the image helps the reader retain what they have learnt.

Use Judo to Motivate

Using a subject children love will get kids to read more – so too will your involvement as a parent.

We have lots of kids judo activities on this website for parents to download and use with their children. Most of them are free!

You can even use judo to motivate your children to take interest in learning to speak some Japanese words, with our free ebook to help!

Get kids to read more by asking questions

According to reading experts Lexile Framework for Reading talking to your children about the books they read is one of the best ways to support your child’s literacy development. Asking questions is a great way to promote critical thinking and conversation, and get kids to read more.

Here are some judo orientated questions you could use with the Koka Kids judo books.

Ten Questions you can use to get your child to read more

Which is your favourite judo technique in the book and why?

What did you learn about that technique that you didn’t know before?

How many of the Japanese technique names can you remember and say out loud without looking at the book for help?

Did you learn any new words? Was there anything you didn’t understand?

Who is your favourite character in the book?

Can you read what the characters are saying about how to do each judo move out loud?

Can you show me that judo move, as you read out the steps? (the judo technique can be done on their own without the need of a partner or throwing)

Which technique are you going to read about next?

What would you like to learn about next? (get kids to read more by allowing them to pick their own book encourages reading)

What tip did you learn that you will try out next time you go to judo class?

Which is your favourite judo technique in the book and why?

Five Judo Books to get kids reading

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