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Help your junior judoka learn Newaza

In the June 2014 issue of the Koka Kids magazine we teach a great Osae-komi circuit to help junior judoka practise their Newaza holds and develop a fluid movement from one hold down into the next. This helps develop coordination and balance skills as well as an understanding of each hold down.

To complete the Newaza Circle of Skill the judoka must move from Mune Gatame, then move into Yoko Shio Gatame, then to Tate Shio Gatame, then to Kuzure Kesa Gatame and back into Mune Gatame. (Feel free to add in more hold downs, of course!)

Coaches can use this as a warm-up routine, with uke being passive to help children learn the names of each of the Osaekomi. For more advanced judoka, the circuit can be made more difficult, by getting uke to become more active, struggling to escape, as tori moves from one hold down to the next.

We have a certificate that coaches can download and give to their judoka when they feel they have achieved a sufficient level of skill.

Download the Circle of Newaza certificate here.


For more information and a visual guide of the circle please go to Page 24 of the June/July Issue of Koka Kids (please note if you have ordered this issue, your Dojo copies will arrive in Dojos in the last week of June)


Newaza Certificate





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