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Why we need to drill movement if we are to get better at judo (and 6 new drills for you to use)

There is a lot to get right to perform any judo throw. It’s vital to have good body posture, your feet need to be in the right place and timing must be spot on. If you fail on just one of these, it’s likely your technique will fail too. And all this needs to happen in a split-second. By drilling and repeating movements time and time again, we learn instinctively where our body should be positioned, and the more we drill, the better our technique becomes.

Why repetition is essential to progress

If there is one thing that repetition needs if it is to be effective then it is this: consistency.

It seems obvious, but consistency is crucial if you are looking for long-term progress and any significant improvement of skill.

Although we might want to keep things fresh and change sessions daily to keep the kids from getting bored, I don’t think this is the way to go.

For any movement or skill to ingrain itself, it needs a) repetition and b) consistency. Who can master a skill in a night or even a week for the matter? For skills to become mastered they need time. Only after many hundreds of repetitions does something become solid and instinctive and tangible progress is made.

That’s not saying change isn’t also essential – it is! After a few months of practise then it is a good idea to assess which drills are effective and which aren’t and switch some new ideas in, take others out. But don’t be afraid of routine and creating drills to use every single session.

By allowing your judoka time to practise these drills (or others you may already have in progress) week in week out, you will allow them time to relax into the movements, until they become ingrained and instinctive.

Six Dojo Drills (and a certificate to download)

Do you need some new drills? In every issue of Koka Kids (now managed by Fighting Films and you can subscribe your club to the magazine here) I release six new drills. These drills aim to improve technique, both tachi-waza and ne-waza, fitness and coordination.

Here are the six drills as published in the Spring 2019 edition of the Koka Kids magazine. Aiming to improve Okuri-Ashi-Barai and Newaza mobility.

To see the full drills go to the Technique Section in the Spring 2019 edition of the Koka Kids magazine. Here are the drills:

Can you turn over uke using just your legs?

Can you change from one hold to another?

Can you throw with Okuri-Ashi-Barai

How many Shuttle Runs can you do within 1 minute

Can you counter foot-sweep?

Can you attack with your eyes closed (blindfolded)

Free Certificate to Download

There is a free certificate to go with the drills – which you can download here.

Download this certificate in the Koka Kids Shop

Practise makes perfect – it also makes permanent.


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