Kids Judo Books by Koka Kids
Judo Books by Koka Kids


The summer issue of Koka Kids is out! Get your copy, and subscribe now by clicking here.

Free fake judo tatoos

This issue contains eight free judo tattoos! It’s a free gift for all our readers so just buy your copy and find your sheet of fun judo tattoos inside the magazine.

Improve your judo skills

Each issue contains technique drills that will help you improve your judo skills. In the summer edition we look at the ashiwaza, Ashi-Guruma. We look at fun exercise to help you improve your balance and timing so you can master this throw.

Join Uchi-Banani and travel the world

This issue sees Uchi Banani travel to China for the Grand Prix. Find out more about the country and read about judo champion, Ben Fletcher and how he got on at this event.

Play the judo board game!

Turn to the centre pages, to play this fun board game that will help you learn your judo throws as you play.

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