Kids Judo Books by Koka Kids
Judo Books by Koka Kids

20 Books & 20 Judo Suits


With this bundle offer you will get

★ 20 copies of the book “40 Judo Throws”

★ 20 Hajime Gi Kids Judo Suits (mixed sizes unless you request otherwise by email)


Use at your club to

★ Stock your club shop

★ Provide a starter pack for new members

★ Build club funds


This bundle saves you £200.00 on buying the items separately.


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The Koka Kids Hajime Judo Gi

★ You will get 20 Hajime Gi Kids Judo Suits of mixed sizes. If you would like specific sizes please request by email.

★ The Hajime Kids Judo Suit is a quality children’s judo suit, complete with the popular Uchi Banani and Fighting Films shoulder patches.

children's judo suit by Koka Kids and Fighting Films


40 Judo Throws Book

Your bundle will also include 20 copies of the judo technique book: 40 Judo Throws.

What is in this book?

★ This 100 page book contains all 40 throws of The Gokyo.

★ Clear, step by step illustrations on how to do each technique.

★ The illustrations show the grip, the entry, the lift, the rotation and the finish of each throw.

★ Tips and instructions on how to do each technique.

★ The author, Nik Fairbrother is a 7th Dan, an Olympic silver medallist and a judo world champion and brings over 30 years of judo expertise to the pages of this book.

★ Free online support material to accompany the techniques in this book.