Kids Judo Books by Koka Kids
Judo Books by Koka Kids

10 Books & 10 Monkeys


With this bundle offer you will get

★ 10 copies of the book “40 Judo Throws”

★ 10 Judo Monkeys


Use at your club to

★ Give as Christmas Gifts

★ Use as prizes for effort and encouragement

★ Stock your club shop


This bundle saves you £50.00 on buying the items separately.


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40 Judo Throws Book

★ Your pack will contain 10 copies of the judo book: 40 Judo Throws

What is in this book?

★ This 100 page book contains all 40 throws of The Gokyo.

★ Clear, step by step illustrations on how to do each technique.

★ The illustrations show the grip, the entry, the lift, the rotation and the finish of each throw.

★ Tips and instructions on how to do each technique.

★ The author, Nik Fairbrother is a 7th Dan, an Olympic silver medallist and a judo world champion and brings over 30 years of judo expertise to the pages of this book.

★ Free online support material to accompany the techniques in this book.


Ten Judo Monkey

★ You will get 10 irresistible judo monkeys

Uchi Banani comes fully dressed in judo suit, with a belt and a bandana