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Judo Books by Koka Kids

Judo T-shirts for Kids

Judo T-shirts

We have lots of fun judo designs to choose from. Choose a Respect Judo T-shirt or Ippon T-shirt or the best selling Uchi Banani T-shirt


Club Judo T-shirts

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“I think attendance is important, as it is essential for long term development. So we give all our young judoka a Koka Kids T-shirt when they have been a member for a year.

I feel by giving judo related merchandise we encourage our judoka to be an active member of the club. And it promotes our sport. They all enjoy wearing them in and out of the club. It is the second batch of Koka Kids tops we have had and the judoka love them! The parents feedback has been good too.”

Richard Jones, Irfon Judo Club Sensei


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