KOKAKIDS - Junior Judo Magazine
Kokakids - Junior Judo Magazine

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Judo Clubs Subscriptions – save money for your members!

Subscribe your judo clubs to the junior judo magazine Koka Kids and you will be saving your members 50% on cover price.

Yes! You can subscribe all your junior members in one go.

Or, try it out at your dojo, and start by ordering our minimum of just ten copies per judo club.

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A few words said by judo clubs and judo coaches to convince you!

“Since subscribing to Koka Kids I have found it to be a great retention tool for the kids as they not only love the magazine but love reading all about judo at their weekly class. I feel it helps cement their interest in the sport.”

George Kerr 10th Dan, Junior Judo with George Kerr


“The club has a subscription and I am given a copy per school as a prize! This I use to reward children who have either improved in their Judo, behaviour or have overcome difficult situations etc. This little carrot has worked really well when trying to encourage a variety of levels, abilities and personalities to work together and support each other for everyone’s benefit!”

Janice Knight, JudoKnight


“Koka Kids is a fantastic magazine for our children at our judo clubs and schools. They really enjoy reading the articles and completing the activities in the magazine which are tailored to complement the lessons they learn in their classes. Our personal club page is a particularly big hit and I believe the magazine really encourages the children to start and keep learning Judo. Well done Koka Kids”

Dave Edmonds MSc. BA. FCMA. FCMI. 5th Dan, Iinkai Judo and Self Defence Clubs



“Koka Kids has proved a fantastic resource within both my club and school judo lessons. When I asked a 5 year old to demo Yamarashi in he asks “which one? The standard grip or Illiadis one”? I know Koka Kids Magazine has done a good job!”

Mark Fricker, Pinewood Judo Coach

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