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Ura-Nage Learn how to do this Judo Throw


Ura-Nage is usually used as a counter attack. The key is to be ready and waiting for the attack. Read your partner’s movement, and as they turn in be ready to counter.

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Ura-Nage Tutorial

  1. Wait for your opponent to attack you with a forward throw like Harai-Goshi or Hane-Goshi.
  2. Drop your hips and grab uke around their waist.
  3. Pick uke up off the ground using your legs to lift.
  4. Lean backwards and twist towards uke as your throw them to the mat.
  5. Control the landing!

Illiadis: the best uranage in the world

Ilias Iliadis became Olympic champion at the age of 17. He is one of judo’s all time greats. Read this profile by the International Judo Federation about his journey and how he has become a Champion in Life.

Iliadis’ judo is explosive and dynamic and here you can watch how he throws with uranage, keeping balance as he shifts weight from one foot to another.

Olympic and double World Champion, Ilias Iliadis

Iliadis has always been a great supporter and friend to Koka Kids, and over the years we have featured this legendary fighter many times in the Koka Kids Judo Magazine, that you can now buy from Fighting Films.

Ura-Nage Tutorial

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