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Hane-Makikomi Learn how to do this Judo Throw


Hane-Makikomi is a technique that is often used by heavy-weights. But don’t let that stop you learning it whatever size you are. When you get it to work it is a big scorer resulting in huge ippons.

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How to throw with Hane-Makikomi

  1. Let go of your collar grip and swing your arm over uke’s arm. Keep a tight grip on the sleeve.
  2. As you swing your arm over, turn in. Make contact with your leg against uke’s leg.
  3. Keep the circular motion going. Wind your body over uke’s arm and rotate with the throw.
  4. If you have trapped uke’s arm tightly, your partner will have no choice but to roll over with the throw.

Hane-Makikomi Tutorial

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