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Judo Banners are back for 2020

Make an Impact at Your Dojo

Judo Banners are back! Yes, it’s true, you’ve heard right, we will be printing Dojo Banners early in 2020. We are excited about it too. Sign up now to get full pricing and the launch offer. Read more

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judo games

32 Judo Games for Juniors

Judo Games

Here are no less than 32 judo games and drills, for judo coaches looking to improve skills as well as make their classes fun and engaging.

Looking for judo games for beginners?

Do you want some ideas for advanced uchi-komi drills?

Or what about some new newaza ideas?

We have you covered, read on… Read more


The summer issue of Koka Kids is out! Get your copy, and subscribe now by clicking here.

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Judo Soft Toy Uchi Banani

Perfect for cheeky monkeys!

He has been a long time in the planning – but at last UCHI BANANI is available as a soft toy.

You can buy Uchi Banani in our judo gift shop. Read more

judo certificate de ashi barai

Technique of the Week: De Ashi Barai

judo throw deashi barai

See all the De Ashi Barai resources ? here Read more

Why we need to drill movement if we are to get better at judo (and 6 new drills for you to use)

There is a lot to get right to perform any judo throw. It’s vital to have good body posture, your feet need to be in the right place and timing must be spot on. If you fail on just one of these, it’s likely your technique will fail too. And all this needs to happen in a split-second. By drilling and repeating movements time and time again, we learn instinctively where our body should be positioned, and the more we drill, the better our technique becomes.
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How to use Shadow Judo to improve Technique

How to use Shadow Judo to improve Technique

Shadow Judo (Tandoku-Renshu) is used throughout Japan as a regular part of most judo training sessions. No surprise, really. Shadow Training, or Visualisation is a well know technique that has been used by sports psychologists for decades. It is highly effective. And perfect for judo.

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Swopping the judogi for chef whites!

I’m about to embark on a new phase in my life and I’d love it if you would follow my journey!

Forgive me, this is a bit off topic.

Nothing to do with judo, but do read on anyway…

I have just started a new instagram account. You can see it here.

There will be no judo on it – but I hope you will follow me anyway.

It will be about my journey into a completely new phase of my life, as I swop the judogi for chef’s whites.

Over the next year, I will stage (intern) as a chef at various Michelin restaurants in Spain and around the world.

I’m really excited about it, it’s something I’ve been waiting a long time to do.

This instagram account will record the ups and the downs, and what happens along the way.

There’s going to be a lot of incredible food, knives and probably the odd snowboarding pic for good measure. 

So, if that’s your thing, please do follow me: @nicola_fairbrother

Your follows will really help get this off the ground for me,

Many thanks,

Nicola Fairbrother, MBE, 7th Dan
1992 Olympic Silver Medallist
1993 Judo World Champion
Koka Kids director

PS. Incase you’re wondering … Koka Kids, the magazine, the Dojo Banners, the judo resources are all still continuing as normal, and I’m still very much involved. Any questions, do just email.
@nicola_fairbrother Instagram

The one question every coach must ask their students when teaching the art of randori

the art of randori

The one question every coach must ask their students when teaching the art of randori

There’s a lot to process during any randori. It’s imperative to have the right attitude, a proper understanding and clear objectives. I’ve found if you don’t have these in place from outset then a meaningful randori is going to be hard to achieve. By having this winning mind-set clear in your mind before you start then you are more likely to finish each randori having learnt more and ultimately become a better judoka. Read more

How to ensure 2019 is your best judo coaching year yet

How to ensure 2019 is your best judo coaching year yet

 I love new year’s resolutions, taking stock on where things are at and planning forward to make the next year better still. With new judo classes looming it’s important to carve out some time to think about your approach for 2019. Here are 4 resources that will help make 2019 your best judo coaching year yet.

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Six Dojo Drills To Master


This term, we challenge you to learn these six drills:

In the latest edition of the Koka Kids Junior Judo magazine (issue 54, winter 2018) there are six drills. Complete them all  to receive this Dojo Drills certificate. Subscribe your judo club to the Koka Kids Judo Magazine today and get more drills like this every school term.

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Dojo Drill: Kesa-Gatame to Kuzure Kesa-Gatame

Dojo Drill: Kesa-Gatame to Kuzure Kesa-Gatame

In this post we look at Kesa-Gatame and Kuzure Kesa-Gatame and how to teach your judoka the fundamental skill of moving from one hold to another during newaza. At the end of this post there is are two free certificates for you to download and give to your judoka. Read more