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Ashi-Waza: 5 Best Throws For Beginners to Learn


Ashi-Waza are not easy to learn. They require timing and a great deal of practise to perfect.

But they are an essential skill. And beginners should start learning them as early as possible.

Why? Because good footwork leads to the base of everything! It helps develop movement, it is key to breaking balance and forms the building block to many combinations.

Ready to get going? We suggest your start with these five throws: Read more

Judo Moral Code by Jigoro Kano


What is the Judo Moral Code?

The judo moral code is a set of ethics and values invented by Jigoro Kano. Judoka should uphold the moral code both on and off the mat.

The code is made up of eight values: courtesy, courage, honesty, honour, modesty, respect, self-control nd friendship.

Learning judo’s philosophy is as important as learning the judo throws.  Read more

Five Judo Drills that Teach Movement

judo drills

Five Judo Drills: That Teach Movement

Judo drills can help us improve our judo throws. Here are five exercises that teach movement, timing, speed and entry. They are also a lot of fun to do.

For more inspiration take a look these 32 judo games for juniors, and here is the Ultimate Guide to Every Judo Technique. Read more

How To Do Judo Throws – 7 Key Stages

judo throws

How to do judo throws

How to do judo throws is something every beginner judoka wants to know. So here are seven tips to help you master every judo technique. Read more

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Judo Class Banner

Judo Banners 2020

Every years we print Dojo Banners. The 2020 print run has now gone, but don’t worry – we will be back with new designs soon. Take a look below and contact us with your feedback and ideas for new designs. Read more

32 Judo Games for Juniors

judo games

Judo Games

Here are no less than 32 judo games and drills, for judo coaches looking to improve skills as well as make their classes fun and engaging.

Looking for judo games for beginners?

Do you want some ideas for advanced uchi-komi drills?

Or what about some new newaza ideas?

We have you covered, read on… Read more


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Judo Soft Toy Uchi Banani

Perfect for cheeky monkeys!

He has been a long time in the planning – but at last UCHI BANANI is available as a soft toy.

You can buy Uchi Banani in our judo gift shop. Read more

judo certificate de ashi barai

Technique of the Week: De Ashi Barai

judo throw deashi barai

See all the De Ashi Barai resources ? here Read more

Why we need to drill movement if we are to get better at judo (and 6 new drills for you to use)

There is a lot to get right to perform any judo throw. It’s vital to have good body posture, your feet need to be in the right place and timing must be spot on. If you fail on just one of these, it’s likely your technique will fail too. And all this needs to happen in a split-second. By drilling and repeating movements time and time again, we learn instinctively where our body should be positioned, and the more we drill, the better our technique becomes.
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How to use Shadow Judo to improve Technique

How to use Shadow Judo to improve Technique

Shadow Judo (Tandoku-Renshu) is used throughout Japan as a regular part of most judo training sessions. No surprise, really. Shadow Training, or Visualisation is a well know technique that has been used by sports psychologists for decades. It is highly effective. And perfect for judo.

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