Kids Judo Books by Koka Kids
Judo Books by Koka Kids

5 Benefits for Your Dojo when you Subscribe

Why subscribing to the Koka Kids Magazine will benefit your dojo.

Ready-made lesson plans. A way to retain judoka. A platform to communicate to your judoka about what’s going on. A gift for new members.

Coaches use Koka Kids for these and many more reasons to benefit their dojo. Take out a Club Subscription and see the benefits yourself. 



Reinforce Skills 

Koka Kids has powerful, memorable graphics, and studies have proven that visuals help children learn techniques faster and better recall information. By using the magazine you will visually reinforce your lessons and help your judoka learn technique faster.


Retain Members

Retention is the number one problem facing a lot of judo clubs – with drop-off occuring at all ages. The magazine provides lots of opportunities to engage your membership. By using this magazine you are actively fighting to retain your junior members.


Lessons for Life

All kids love cartoons! And Koka Kids is a lot of fun – but there are also serious messages running through the magazine. Jigoro Kano’s moral code of values can be found underpinning each and every issue.


Communicate & Promote

Use the magazine to let your members know what events are coming up. Perhaps you have a camp planned? Or a fundraiser you want people to attend? Just let us know if you have an event coming up and we will do our best to publish it for your judoka to see.


Gift for New Members

Give a copy of the magazine to potential new members. Something tangible to take home with them, to remember your club by. Lots of coaches use the magazine as end-of-term gifts or to reward outstanding behaviour and attendance.


Ready to Subscribe?

Find out how to get discounted Club Rates and to subscribe your whole dojo today!




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