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Become a JudoInside hero

You can become a JudoInside hero

A guest post written by Hans Van Essen, the mastermind behind JudoInside.com

As a young athlete you have set your ambitions, the end of the line is the Olympic title. One of the things is judo is to become Olympic Champion as a person. However the values of judo come along with your own milestones. You want to become a champion, or at least win a medal. That may give you access to another milestone: have your name in JudoInside.com

JudoInside provides you all the information of your Judo heroes. Look up what achievements Nicola Fairbrother had during her career, how triple Olympic champion Tadahiro Nomura peaked, or stylist Shohei Ono. All your judo heroes are in this online database.

Not just the current heroes, but the ones from the past. Heroes that you may have not heard of, they were the Ono’s, Basile’s and Riner’s of the past.

Use JudoInside to analyse the heroes, become one yourself. Become part of judo history and learn from the heroes of the past.

Judo ambassador, Olympic champion and triple world champion Ilias Iliadis said: “We are all human, we all have our technique, our ambitions, but dare to dream big. In Judo it’s all possible.”

Discover the opportunity and dare to dream big. Your next medal starts with JudoInside.com