KOKAKIDS - Junior Judo Magazine
Kokakids - Junior Judo Magazine

Why I do this

Why I do this,

Koka Kids is my way of giving back to judo; a thank you for all judo has done for me.

There are so many things that I’ve enjoyed over the years – as Koka Kids has evolved from a simple junior judo magazine to what it is today. Here’s what I love about doing this:

  • Learning more about judo, and how to promote it.
  • Meeting up with coaches and talking judo!
  • Working with the lovely guys at Fighting Films and ditto JudoScotland and Welsh Judo.
  • Feeling a part of the huge judo family
  • Creating resources like top ten throws and seeing how those resources are being used to promote judo in uk judo clubs  and dojos as far away as The Kokoro Judo Club in Australia.
  • Seeing the book Fifty Throws & Holds” in print, after years of wanting to do a judo book, it happened!
  • Designing new products like the Dojo Banners.

But what really makes my day is this…

But above all, it’s the buzz from the judoka and kids, seeing their faces, getting their stories and drawings and knowing what I’m doing is somehow impacting in a positive way. Why do I continue to do this? The faces of these judo kids answer that question better than I can; this what makes my day.

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