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It can be hard to know where to start planning your next term’s judo classes. What’s the first throw to teach? What’s the second? Then there is the not so small task of marketing your club. How best to gain new members? What’s the best way to keep the kids you are teaching coming back, term after term to the tatami for more judo?


Koka Kids has three areas that might be of use to the judo coach:



Subscribe your members to the Koka Kids Junior Judo magazine. This is a 40 page Junior Judo magazine, created, designed and edited by world judo champion Nicola Fairbrother, 7th Dan. Choose how many copies you need for your club, then sit back. Your magazines will arrive each term for you to hand out to your judoka. This is the leading junior judo magazine in the world today and you can see how judo coaches use this junior judo magazine to keep their judoka engaged, motivated and inspired.



Download ready-made templates to print off and teach techniques. There are free resources to get you started including the popular Benefits of Judo flyer and free e-book “How To Teach Movement”. Top Ten Throws is a comprehensive pack of 30 high resolution pdf files including dojo posters, step-by-step learning cards and certificates. You can print these yourself and use them to help your kids visualise and remember ten judo throws. Advanced Judo is for coaches looking to develop movement, with over one hundred illustrations the pack covers twenty combinations.



Our extras will help make your dojo more appealing for kids. Like our popular roll up banners that show the judo moral code and core messages. There are six designs to make an impact. We only print banners once a year so let us notify you when they are ready to order by adding your name to the judo banner list. 

You can sell any of the products in our shop in your club shop. Clubs get a special rate on wholesale orders of our children’s judo suit, which is produced by Fighting Films and has the Koka Kids characters on the shoulder. Or if you like you can stock our fun judo t-shirts and judo hoodies. Contact us for club rates.


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