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Kids Judo Book: How to Draw Uchi Banani


A free e-book for young judoka

Get your copy now! It’s absolutely free. A 48-page colouring kids judo ebook. Print out the pages and get drawing!

How to Draw Uchi Banani and all his friends.

He loves uchikomi even more than bananas and everybody loves the Koka Kids mascot: Uchi Banani. You can find him on T-shirts, in the magazine and right here, waiting for you to draw him in this free ebook.

Learn how to draw Uchi Banani in eight simple steps, how to add expressions to his cheeky face and then have a go on your own.

This ebook has 48 pages of colouring fun.

Also learn how to draw Blushido, Coach Zen, Tommy Nagy and Katie Gatame who you can meet in more detail in this post.


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