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Advanced Judo Bundle


Simply Download. Print. And Use at your Dojo.

The Advanced Judo Bundle pack consists of twenty-one high resolution files ready for you to print and teach twenty combinations around these ten throws: Ippon Seoi-Nage, Morote Seoi-nage, Kouchi-Gari, Ouchi-Gari, Uchi-Mata, Tai-Otoshi, Sumi-Gaeshi, Harai-Goshi and De-Ashi Barai.

Over 100 illustrations have gone into making this comprehensive resource and Advanced Judo is a natural progression from our Top Ten Throws Bundle.


The Advanced Judo Bundle includes:

  • 10 Expert Reward Certificates: Your pack will include ten different reward certificates, give these out once you feel your judoka has learnt both combinations. Let your judoka know they have achieved and motivate them to collect all ten cards!
  • 10 Key Stage Teaching Cards: Each card shows two complete combinations that can be used with the main waza. The first combination shows a set up technique (ie a technique before the main waza), the second combination shows a follow up technique (ie a technique after the main waza.
  • A2 Poster With Over 100 Illustrations: You can print this poster at any size up to A2, to use to make a great focal point in your dojo. It covers all twenty combinations – which you could use to refer to during your classes and remind your judoka what you are teaching.



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